On the Issues  

Growing the Economy

As our Lt. Governor, Todd Lamb tirelessly pursues pro-business, pro-growth economic policies that create an environment conducive to private-sector job growth, income growth, and maximizing Oklahoma’s economic competitiveness. Creating this environment consists of three crucial principles.

First, economic development is healthiest when public policy removes impediments to growth. Todd knows that state government must limit itself and allow Oklahoma job-creators to do what they do best: provide Oklahomans the chance to work hard and raise a family. Lt. Governor Lamb continues to advocate for reducing burdensome regulations that have historically made creating jobs more difficult in our state. As Lt. Governor, Todd was a leading advocate for the vital tort and worker’s compensation reforms that have broken barriers to job creation and reduced Oklahoma’s cost of doing business to historic lows. (Read More…)

Working for Oklahoma

In his farewell address to the nation President Reagan said: “We the People tell the government what to do, it doesn’t tell us.”

Lt. Governor Todd Lamb agrees and proactively listens to the people of Oklahoma. Todd has traveled to each of Oklahoma’s 77 counties every year he has served as Lt. Governor and he intends to keep it that way during a second term.

From Miami to Mangum, Boise City to Broken Bow, Todd has hosted town hall meetings and small business forums across the state to better understand the challenges facing small business owners and Oklahoma families and he proactively ensures the voice of Oklahomans guides sound policymaking. (Read More…)

Promoting Our Values

Lt. Governor Todd Lamb not only shares our Oklahoma values, they guide the execution of his daily duties. Todd believes that all life is precious and should be protected, not in select stages, but every stage, because each life has been endowed with dignity.

Todd has received multiple perfect scores from Oklahomans for Life, serves as a Deacon at Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, and is active with the Christian Businessmen Connection who honored him with their prestigious Salt and Light award in 2012. (Read More…)

Public Safety

As a former Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service, Lt. Governor Lamb knows that public service has no higher charge than keeping our families safe.

In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary, while Washington D.C. sought partisan gain, our Lt. Governor used his public safety experience to bring law enforcement officials, educators, and lawmakers from both parties together to create the Oklahoma Commission on School Security. Under Lt. Governor Lamb’s leadership, this bipartisan commission successfully passed comprehensive reforms to state law protect our most precious assets, our children, without sacrificing our most precious freedoms. Other states are now following the lead of our Lt. Governor by replicating this common sense law. (Read More…)